Discover Nature and Culture in Patagonia with the Gauchos...

...according to fair tourism: you experiment and we preserve our way of life
and vice versa!


Brief overview of our immense Paradise on video...
...two minutes and fourty-eight, some instants to approach a dream,
the Gauchos will make it true!

SOLIECOL is an integral and ecological undertaking composed by rural families aiming to diversify the economic oportunities of the rural families by creating jobs thanks to sustainable tourism but also to maintain ancestral knowledges.
Since 2011, we offer travellers the opportunity to discover the extraodinary landscapes and traditions from northern Patagonia, being respectful for its people, its nature, their balance.
For that purpose, we share more than our horses and our fire, we take you to experienc our lifestyle. Chosing to visit us, you allow the valorisation of the autochtone population knowledge and in a common effort, we improve the gauchos' living conditions.
Guiding, renting horses, manufacturing crarft products, cultural workshops, food production: each treck leads to various remunerations. The value of each of them is established fairly and reasonably by the families together. Benefits resulting from the touristic activity are invested in an effort to maintain our traditions. It is not about isolating ourselves in the mountain refusing to walk along with the world ; opening ourselves to it is a viable solution. It is in our interest to find a way to impose our rythm and point of view, to use the modernity tool to our way. We get on with easing the campo life, making it more comfortable in order for it to become more attractive: solar panels for electricty, waterproof zinc roofs, a SUV to move around from time to time.
We progress with conciliation, away from antagonisms, but are desperate by the idea that this way of living, so particular, of transhumant breeders could disappear. We invest in ancestral knowledges to prevent this from happening, breed loading mules, cultivate thatch, work with leather ; we defend the obsolet in favour of our independance.
So, in six years, we have made miracles; without any preliminary investment, with passion and perseverance. For all of us, patagonian Gauchos, it's clear that the support of the Soliecol Riders is invaluable!

The SOLIECOL Gauchos Tribe