The improvement of Gauchos' living conditions is our NGO's raison d'être. At first, to create jobs was the principle objective because results were visible and immediate. The horse riding success allows us to establish a list of different domains where it was vital to act and where we could do it effectively: Traditional Agriculture, guarantee for our feeding; Handicraft Development and self made in general; Facilities Improvement to progress toward comfort; Openness to the World which permits each person to develop social skills and satisfy natural curiosity.
Principal tool to progress: money. In our case, it's created by a group of gauchos who, only with their environment and their survival method as raw materials, with this magic word of "Patagonia", PRODUCE from A to Z horseback ridings. Benefits from this activity serve to reach the objective of all these families: keep living under the traditional way of life - with a 2.0. option.
This option exists: it permits to buy chinese cellphones to text some news from a lonely summer camp to a mother or a friend, enjoy a wave bridge between the wild mountain and the living valley helps not to feel alone! We also full our tanks with yankee's gasoil while we have so much to complain of their oilwell, which poison our water sources and reduce our borders; but it's a luxury we can't refuse to have a Ford or Chevrolet truck from the 70's in order to support a transhumance, it's easier to charge than mules. We also take french planes and have a heavier carbon footprint, whereas we ride our horses pridly since centuries without puncturing the sky; now we pay for the opportunity to discover that the world is big, bigger than the immensity of our land.

We present you below some examples of activities carried out by SOLIECOL

Traditional Agriculture

Stubble production and harvest at Andres winter camp (march 2016) and workshop for the dry toilet at Ceferino winter camp (january 2017)

Facilities Improvement

Construction of a living room in Ceferino's summer camp (april 2015) and roofs renovation in José's one with french volunteers Chloé and Florent (january 2015)

Handicraft Development

From the sheep in the field through Noelia's fingers in order to become your soks!

Openness to the World

Ceferino's trip in France (june -july 2016)