Travels, hikes, all of these sound good, but better not on an empty stomach !

One delicacy can be found everywhere in Argentina (and is easy to prepare at home), Empanadas ! They can be found with various filings though the base is always the same : a savoury strudel that fits all tastes and has all colours. Baking can be made in animal fat, frying oil and also in the oven (on baking paper) for the light version ! Cooks, whether meat-eater or vegetarian, here is for you the empanadas receipt from Elsilina.




For the dow :

1,2 kg of flour

100g of fat or cooking oil

20g of salt

room-temperature water



For the filling :

1kg of meat (The usual beef mince meat), that can be replaced with vegetables for the vegetarian version (our suggestions : Tuna & green beansor tomatoe, garlic & basil or onions & cheese)

1kg of onions

4 eggs

200gr of olives

Salt and pepper





The day before, prepare the filling : « el pino ». In a pan, fry the onions at low temperature until they become tender, then add the mince meat and the chili. When the juice from the meat gets out, dust with paprika, salt and pepper. Once cooked only, add the cumin (Total cooking time of 40 minutes). Prepare the boiled eggs, chop the eggs and the olives in small pieces. Mix everything together and let it cool down (Do not put in the fridge unless cool).

In the morning, prepare the dough : « la masa ». It is similar to a bread dough but without baking powder. It needs to be spread in a thin layer, but not too thin as the empanada could burst. The diameter of a dough portion is similar to a desert plate diameter. On one half, arrange a big spoon of the filling and then fold the other half down on top of it. Seal the empanada with a fork, and make sure not to let any air inside. We advise to store the raw empanadas in a clean fabric until they are being cooked.

Lunch time, let’s enjoy !: « la recompensa ». Fried in fat or cooking oil, baked in the oven, in ashes, empanadas can be cooked the way you like and are always delicious ! Buen provecho !


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