Travel through the Andes
on a Criollo Horse...

...for an itinerant and autonomous horse riding
Perfect harmony!

Authentic and exclusive horse rides

All the circuits were meticulously created to be like in your dreams. As a result, you will find in all cases a wonderful diversity of landscapes, of lakes, of valleys, of hills: of NATURE. The Gauchos are Patagonia's actors and protectors, you'll enjoy it with -and thanks to- them. SOLIECOL is based on the theory of multidirectional exchanges: between the tourists and the autochthonous, between you and the horses, between ourselves and the herds, between everybody and Ñuque Mapu, The Mother Earth in Mapuche.

Very concretely, it is about 7 days by horse (or more!): a whole itinerant and autonomous expedition in the Andes Cordillera!
An old dream or a sudden impulsion? Entrust your adventurous desire to the Gauchos!

Price for a SOLIECOL horse riding

9 days included 7 by horse
(6 nights into tents - 2 nights in hostel)
1500 euros per person

Scheduled horseback riding for the 2018/2019 season

The Volcanic Immersion circuit is available between October and April, Nature without Borders from December to March only. The beginners are automatically turned towards the first one for security reasons. Let's precise that the wonderful change of scenery is scheduled in every circuits! The dates hereafter are indicatives, we can change it according to your wish. The first registered rider (or SOLIECOL in case of logistical requirements) will confirm the group destination!

Volcanic Immersion

4 to 12 November 2018
18 to 26 November 2018
30 December 2018 to 7 January 2019
17 to 25 March 2019 : 5 remaining places
31 March to 8 April 2019

Nature without Borders

11 to 19 December 2018: 2 remaining places
13 to 21 January 2019
3 to 11 March 2019: 5 remaining places

Extreme North
exclusive date from 3 to 16 February 2019