Horse riding in Patagonia


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Horseback Riding in Argentina


Welcome to Northern Patagonia!

We are Gauchos from the Andes and you are Worldwide Citizens, we don't know each other yet but we  care about the same things: desire for wide-open spaces, admiration for horses, curiosity about the Unknown.
We propose to you an extraordinary adventure: 7 days on horseback in complete autonomy in Patagonia. Your guides are Gauchos, your horses are Criollos, your meals are organic, and the words can describe them!

Wherever you are, don't move! The trip has already begun, with

SOLIECOL is an integral and ecological undertaking composed by rural families. Since 2011, we offer travellers the opportunity to discover the extraodinary landscapes and traditions from northern Patagonia, being respectful for its people, its nature, their balance. For that purpose, we share more than our horses and our fire, we take you to  discover of our lifestyle.

SOLIECOL aims to diversify the economic oportunities of the rural families by creating jobs thanks to sustainable tourism. From renting horses to manufacturing crafts, via the elaboration of food products and the sharing of knowledge during workshops, etc: every horse ride generates multiple remunerations, which values are established fairly by all the workers.

SOLIECOL then invests then the profits collected by the tourist activity in the struggle for the preservation of our traditions. Put plainly, if we don't do anything, any trace of free men - independant and capable of surviving in the wild - will disappear. The World will not change in our favour so we have to adapt ourselves, confining us in the mountain will only delay our decline. We chose to make the countryside life more comfortable, for instance, we renovate roofs, we build toilets, but we also reduce distances thanks to our pickup truck just as we reduce our isolation thanks to the ideas and activities that we share.

So, in five years, we have made miracles; without any preliminary investment, with passion and perseverance. For all of us, patagonian Gauchos, it's clear that the support of the Soliecol Riders is invaluable!


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!!Look at the pictures!!

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